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Remainder value calculation issue in Batch payments

Hello Brady,

While working on distributing the insurance payment amount, we had come across a scenario which calculates wrong Remdr amount in UI. For Example when we start distributing the insurance payment, the total Charge is 500 and the remainder is 480 (already 20 has been paid). We suppose to distribute insurance amount 25 now, so entered the amount in ‘allowed’ section. But after calculation it again shows the remdr as 475 (its calculating the balance from total amount instead of the remainder).It should have shown 455. Attached the screenshot for your reference.
Can you please verify whether it is a bug or not.


This sounds like a job for super @stephenwaite :smile:
(and super @sjpadgett )

@visolveemr What version is this issue from? Must be v5.0.0 correct?


Yes. We are using v5.0.0.


bump I may have fixed this in patch4 502. A hundred years later but …