Regarding importing multiple CCDA files in openemr

Hi All,

I want to import multiple CCDA files (patient data lists) in openemr 5.02 . I am able to import single ccda file using CCM(carecoordination module) module, but i want to import multiple patient data (CCDA files) using CCM. Please help me

Thanks in advance.

You can select more than one import xml in the upload file dialog using shift or ctrl etc.
Be careful as I wouldn’t do more than a batch of 10 at a time.
Also realize that the fuller the queued import history buffer gets, the slower the UI gets.
If I remember correctly, that history of imports is cumulative and persists causing processing to slow as new imports get added.

That interface was not meant to transfer entire sites but mainly for day to day referrals etc.

Thanks a lot Jerry P for the quick response.

Hi Guys,

I want to import patient data xml as ccda using CCM(carecoodination). The xml file is imported, but few patient data (for exanple : sex, allergies, medications) are missing. I am using openemr 5.02 . I am also attaching here the xml file .aloni_mayuri__20200425120831.xml (69.8 KB)

Thanks in advance

Reviving an older thread here. Having similar issues with attempting a large import of several thousand patient files into instance of openemr. It appears that CCDA is not really up to this task. What are the workarounds people have for this? What other solutions have been come up with?