I have read the above thread.
I have a request for a way to record a refund. Per Rod, the system excepts negative payments.
Is there a way to label the payment refund?

Would it be as simple as adding the refund label to the drop down list of payment types?


I have been poking around the edges. Anyone have a firm grasp on how a refund should display in the system?


hi @juggernautsei, yes, you’re on the right track,

clicking save yields


This is great! I will show this to the users. Does this show on the patient ledger?

Thank you!




The EU takes prepayments and asked.


An action where we can apply the prepayment for the actual date of service instead of it showing as a total deduction for any outstanding balances at the bottom.
Sometimes it creates an impression that there still credit balance for the patient specifically if the whole history of that patient is not extracted where that prepayment is to be applied.


EU is European Union or Estadas Unidos? :grinning:

you have to have some value in the adjust column and if it’s 0 it has to be 0.00