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Reducing clicks in Fee Sheet

When I am completing charges in Accounting → Fee Sheet, at the very bottom under Select Providers, I have to click on Supervising and select my supervision physician.

This is two extra clicks that I have to perform with every patient. It there a way to make this an autofilled box therefore reducing the workload?

Who would be picked as default supervisor?
Not sure this is easily done but, i’m always up for making user life easier.

I, as a nurse practitioner have to have a delegating (supervising) physician to practice with.

I have him listed as a User in my Openemr. When I complete my Fee Sheet I have to select him as my Supervising Provider. Thus the two extra clicks.

Nope I get why it is wanted. We’d probably have to put an option in User to select a default supervisor much like we do for default facility. Even then the rendering provider would have to be the user used to select supervisor in feesheet.
By default, the rendering provider can be the logged in user or the encounter provider depending on option from Globals.

This most likely would need to be a feature request for v5.0.3.

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