Recovery alternative after backup

(timothy) #1

Hello All,
After backup of the openemr, the process of restore as stated in the openemr wiki requires a root access.
However, my host subscription has no root access or command line ssh into the server.
Please, what are the other alternative to the restore process.

I am using openemr 5.0.1 (7) and hosted on a linux server.


(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

Will your system administrator do the restore for you? Are you not even able to use “sudo” commands (try “sudo ls” and press return)?

Some alternatives I can think off … make a backup “image” of your original “machine” state and restore that (this is how I do backups on AWS OpenEMR Standard … I image the machine and the database).

You could also export the tables from the original database and import them into your new database (this is very painstaking and non-trivial work).

Also, the documents of the medical record are stored as files in a directory on the hard-drive. Presumably you could copy those somehow.


(timothy) #3

I really dont understand what you meant by ‘sudo ls’
Likewise the image backup of the original machine is not also clear.

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #4

ls (lowercase LS) is the command for listing a directory. sudo is the command for super user (i.e. root) do something. So … at the command prompt for your operating system typing … sudo ls … tests whether you have root ability because if you do, you could the type … sudo sh … and have root access.

Think of a “disk image” or a “backup image” as a copy of everything on a hard drive … so that if you copied it exactly to an new machine, you would have essentially a duplicate of your original computer because most modifiable information is stored on a hard drive or SSD media.

Hope that makes more sense.