Recording patient nationality?

Does the lack of a builtin option to record patient nationality seem an obvious omission?
I could create a new demographics field and import a list of nationalities, but wondered if I was missing something obvious.

Looks like it’s on the radar for future inclusion into US core data to be used with electronic case reporting so will have to add a new field to capture that, thanks @PeteBoyd .

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Fantastic @stephenwaite :slight_smile: Is this minor enough that it could be included in version 7.0? Otherwise I will meanwhile have to add it manually, so any indication of the format that your implementation will take would be helpful, thanks.

It’s minor but the 7.0 release is imminent. Try the below to be compatible with the future edition:

ALTER TABLE `patient_data` ADD COLUMN `nationality` TEXT DEFAULT NULL;

Will this make it into 7.0 Patch 1?

I don’t think anyone has added this to the codebase so feel free to submit a PR if you’d like @PeteBoyd.

The following adds ‘nationality’ as a field in a patient’s demographics. It needs a table ‘nationalities’ also to be set up

INSERT INTO layout_options (form_id, field_id, group_id, title, seq, data_type, uor, fld_length, max_length, list_id, titlecols, datacols, default_value, edit_options, description, fld_rows, list_backup_id, source, conditions, validation, codes) VALUES (‘DEM’, ‘nationality’, ‘1’, ‘Nationality’, ‘250’, ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘15’, ‘30’, ‘Nationalities’, ‘1’, ‘3’, ‘’, ‘’, NULL, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘F’, NULL, NULL, ‘’);