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Good morning to all kind people, I want to ask something about the version of openemr with the best translation into Latin Spanish, I have been told that v6.0.0 has a good translation but I want to see the opinions of professionals like you about other versions or if it is That is the best translated, thank you very much and good luck to all.

All versions of OpenEMR have good Spanish translations. You can help us by installing the program and sharing with us the lack of translations. We can show you how to help the community translation. Come Join us.

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The best thing you can do is translate them yourself. I have more than 5,000 terms translated into Spanish but located in Argentina. It is very simple to translate Administration/System/Language.

Lo mejor que puedes hacer es traducirlas tu mismo. Yo tengo mas de 5.000 terminos traducidos al español pero localizados en Argentina. Es muy simple traducir Administracion/Sistema/Idioma.


Let me add: and then when you do translate them yourself, PLEASE contact this forum to find out how to contribute them to the OpenEMR project for the benefit of the whole community!

Permítanme agregar: y luego, cuando los traduzca usted mismo, ¡POR FAVOR comuníquese con este foro para descubrir cómo contribuir con ellos al proyecto OpenEMR para el beneficio de toda la comunidad!

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Yes, it is better to contribute to the project. Although there are several Latin American countries that use different terms for health. Each country has its terminology. I think there should be a group of contributors to make “neutral” terminology for Latin America and then each country changes it. I sign up to do the work, but it is necessary that they come from other Latin countries.

I keep the LA Spanish translation. Tell me about any doubt. Technical terms are the same for all countries.