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Radio buttons in demographics / LBV forms

Hi, I’m newly on v6, but this issue was also present in 5.02.
My form has 4 cols - i.e.
label - data label - data
BUT, and only with radio buttons, the radio buttons themselves are always on the next line, for example if I have 2 radio buttons in a row they appear as:
label - blank label - blank
blank - RB1 Blank - RB2

(I use size = 2 for RBs)

I have tried lots of combinations, cant get it to work - and it looks wrong & confusing.
What can I do to fix this please?

NB: I have since figured out that the radio button fields align properly, if I set padding-top: 0px
I also notice that they have a class of ‘text’?

Anyway, I have a workaround in the theme’s css file, which is to use each radio button field’s id to set the padding… will do until a permanent solution arrives :slight_smile:

Screenshots in this case are necessary, as they are worth 1,000,000 words. If you can post screenshots and also explain what you are trying to do I can assist you.

Label is “New Messages?” - the radio buttons should be aligned with the label - where the arrow is pointing - but are below that.