Quote forms and fee sheets with duplicate and save as new

I have a project build out for US based quotes for procedures/services. This will encompass the ability to make a Quote for services that is hidden from the patient active billing but able to be turned into a fee sheet from the quote as an active bill once it is authorized by the patient.
Design will also allow for a quote to be duplicated leaving the original and letting you have a new date/service/procedure list on the quote.
Quotes will be searchable using the Invoice search feature and allow sorting based on converted to bill or not converted to bill.

I’ll keep the community updated as I move through this and if anyone has had anything done like any part of this let me know if you want to contribute.

Hello Jeremiah,

Did you manage to get this working?


Hello @Benzo. I did manage to get a specific use done for cosmetic surgery. It sets status to quote and then changes it over to an actual bill/invoice setup once its approved.