Quick and Easy development environment GitHub CodeSpaces

Just wanted to put this out there for people that are wanting to write modules on OpenEMR. After you create a fork of the OpenEMR repository you can go to your new fork and click the icon for “Code” then instead of using the tab “Local” use the tab “Codespaces” at this point you can create your codespace. In the web browser VS Code opens up. you can then go to the terminal and go to the docker directory. Once there you can select your favorite docker to run and run docker-compose up.

Docker starts to build then the environment is ready to go. At this point you’ll see a tab next to the terminal tab called “Ports”. Look for port “8300” and you then click the globe icon and now you’re able to run openEMR just like you were doing it locally!

now if you want to access a docker container running in this code spaces use:
->docker container ls
then find your image and run this command:
docker exec -it bash
now you can check for errors and stuff inside the docker! Maybe other people will jump on and say there are other easier ways to do this but this is what I found and so far it’s pretty cool.