Questions on insurance and superbill

(Jeffrey Springwater) #1

Hi I’m an intern working on making some basic modifications. I am trying to add an option to search by insurance company to the superbill. I was wondering about a few things in regards to the functions and databases:

1)Where is getinsuranceproviders function used?

2)when looking at the functions used to retrieve data for the superbill search, I noticed providerid value. Is that different from insuranceID ?

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @jedirex92, what page are you interested in modifying ?

  1. sl_eob_search.php and collections_report.php
  2. most likely it represents the medical provider although the insurance_data table has a provider column that references the insurance_companies and addresses tables.

(Jeffrey Springwater) #3

I looking into adding a search option to the superbill where you can search for patients by insurance provider. The goal is eventually to have a drop-down menu of all insurance companies listed when the user chooses to search by insurance and so you simply select an insurance provider click search and voila.

(Stephen Waite) #4

hi @jedirex92, you could look at Reports->Financial->Collections which will search by “Payor”. Maybe could modify so that instead of looking at the table ar_activity you could look at the insurance_data table?

(Jeffrey Springwater) #5

So referencing insurance_data table proved more useful thank you. I am having trouble finding the files you referenced. I have searched and reference to Payor is found in the collections_report file in

(Stephen Waite) #6

hi @jedirex92, which files do you need help finding? thank you

(Jeffrey Springwater) #7

Hi, so I am having trouble finding the Collections file. There is no direct line from Reports->Financial->Collections. I found the Payor, but I just want to be positive I did not miss anything.