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Questions about getting started and general advice


Im hoping to get some general advice on how to start and Im not sure if this is the right place for this. Im trying to help someone start their own mental health practice. I am software engineer and am comfortable setting up open emr, but I dont have much domain knowledge.

The Therapist would like to take Medicare but says they need an erm system for that. I found this post

It sounds as if openEMR does not currently meet the requirements for Medicare but that you can file for an exception.

Am I understanding this correctly? If so does is it still necessary to have an EMR system, can we not just file for an exception and use paper or excel?

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

Hello, good afternoon, I am new to the community and I am learning to use all the functions offered by openEMR. I would like to know how to create more users, in the administration module where it says user and I add a new one and when I fill in all the fields when selecting save it tells me that password error. I have entered different password and it gives me the same error

Hello @Freddy_Gonzalez
The OpenEMR project has a user documentation repository which contains lots of useful information.
Here’s the top level page of the wiki

Here’s the beginning of the user documentation for the current version

Here’s the information specifically addressing what you asked about:
As a Youtube video-

and here it is in step number 3 of this written documentation:

In that doc you will find a lot of other information on setting up a new instance or OpenEMR, from the user’s point of view.

Hope that helps!

  • Harley

Hello @jp5525
OpenEMR does have MU certification but the complete answer is more complex than I’m comfortable discussing so I suggest you talk with the MU professionals.
Here’s a link to the page in the OpenEMR wiki that lists professional support. Many of them offer MU services so I suggest you contact them to discuss the details, including the possibility of filing by means other than an EHR. But keeping in mind that one of the original purposes of MU was to stimulate the adoption of EMR/ EHRs, I’m doubtful how easy that will be.

Here’s a link to a search for OpenEMR wiki pages pertaining to Meaningful Use. You may find something useful in the returns.

Good luck!

  • Harley
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