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Python OpenEMR api connector

Thanks to all of you for making OpenEMR as great as it is!
I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now and wrote a lot of scripts surrounding OpenEMR to automate as much as I can.

Some time back I started using the rest API endpoint and wrote a python package to connect some of my scripts to OpenEMR.
I decided that this should be available to everyone who might want to extend OpenEMR in this way so I cleaned it up and made it an open-source project.

Links to the source and the PyPi package:

When I find time I’ll extend the functionality and maybe add some useful examples.


hi @aapjeisbaas , Looks like very neat stuff! Note the api has changed a bit in development codebase which will be in future OpenEMR 6.0.0 release. Just something to look out for.

I’m just an every day user whom is so grateful for OpenEMR. Our office is VERY small, just the Doctor and myself. It’s easy and very functional. The Dr does the coding and he’s preparing to start the next version and there’s many changes. I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my keyboard, this is awesome~! Linda

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