Public mobile app for patients


I am trying to create a mobile app using open AIAPI. This app will be used by patients as well as doctors. I enable all the aPI‘s in the admin area but my mobile app Developer. said that new patient Registration cannot be completed until the admin enables the client ID in the backend. He is using client ID to register new patients. Is there any way to do this without admin enabling client ID each time a new patient is registered? We are trying to build a telemedicine application where patient can upload medical records, doctors can do virtual consultations, and then prescribe medicines which the patients can download as PDF in the app.
I would also like to know whether the patient portal aPI which is in the beta stage right now is ready or not? Is there any documentation for using it?
I tried to find a solution in the community, but couldn’t find a use case, which was similar to ours. Any help here, would be greatly appreciated.