Project - PACS Server Integration

sir i’m vishal from india i am willing to contribute to openEMS organization in this GSOC 2020
can you please give an description about this project

hi @vishal_io, here’s a good overview of how this started and where it’s going including the current capability of viewing a DICOM image inside OpenEMR.

The next phase would be to integrate the handling of the images with a PACS server like Orthanc for example. Here’s some open issues and these as well.

project home page

@stephenwaite sir thanks for the information can you say how to start with the Picture Archiving and Communication System project and languages used for the development.

hi @vishal_io, suggest trying to revive this issue and checking out @jodogne’s project at

sir what are the technologies are involved in developing an pcas system

hi @vishal_io, haven’t spun up orthanc so probably would want to look at so could have it be accessible to the openemr docker

can envision using and editing openemr’s docker-compose.yml to create a testing environment

Hi @vishal_io ,
Regarding the orthanc docker, can see how it is incorporated into the insane development environment to help incorporate it into easy development environment that @stephenwaite linked to above. Can see how this is done on the below 2 links:
openemr/docker-compose.yml at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub (example docker-compose.yml section)
openemr/contrib/util/docker at master · openemr/openemr · GitHub (instructions for using orthanc in this docker environment)


sir can u list the feature that are need to be established in pcas server. Then i have doubt does this comes electronic medical record feature of the software

PACS has three components:

  1. Image Acquisition
  2. Display Workstations
  3. Archive Server
    In this GSoC project, do we need to implement only Archive Server or all three?

hi @harshbawari, yes, we’re focusing on integrating the archive server.

@stephenwaite @brady.miller
do we need to build it from the scratch.
or list the things in the comment need to be done in this project

hi @vishal_io ,
Do not need to build a PACS from scratch. A good direction to go would be to integrate orthanc (DICOM server) with OpenEMR.

so, we need to integrate this @brady.miller @stephenwaite in openEMR.
can u give an summary that how to integrate orthanc server with openEMR.
are we going use the orthanc source code.

hi @vishal_io, did you see the above post by @brady.miller and investigate regarding the orthanc docker?

@stephenwaite yeah i have setup the openEMR development environment with docker. And i checked the orthanc dicom server. but i didn’t get an clear idea. can u give an summary that how it is going to be integrated

hi @vishal_io, basically take the images that are stored in Orthanc and get them to flow to OpenEMR.

Hello all,

What’s the current status? Is help still needed for this?

I was taking a look at the issues and it looks like this should be the first “milestone”: Integrate Orthanc into Docker Compose · Issue #1364 · openemr/openemr · GitHub - does that make sense?

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hi @lrossett ,
Yep, that would be a great starting point. Current status is unchanged from that issue, so help would be greatly appreciated :smile:

cool, I will take a look at that issue :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I just wanted to jump in and ask what the status of the PACS integration is? For full disclosure, I am unfortunately not a developer. I managed to install OpenEMR as well as GNUHealth and Orthanc to work with a MRI-Viewer, but that is about it. I am actually a medical data scientist.
Why I am asking is, we are supporting several rural hospitals in Africa as well as a bigger hospital in Masar-e-Sharif (yep, that is Afghanistan). We want to switch from “diagnostic support” to “full hospital management” since this make follow-ups and doctor organization much smoother. Currently I have OpenEMR and GNUHealth running side-by-side. I am leaning towards OpenEMR, but the Orthanc-integration in GNUHealth allows to nicely organize a radiology department. In addition, we can use a MDR/ FDA certified MRI-viewer, which allows medical diagnosis from a legal point of view (no offense against the OpenEMR builtin viewer :wink: ).
Looking forward to hear from you guys!


P.S.: In any case, thanks for the awesome work! Such projects make it much easier for us to support people in less fortunate circumstances.

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