Project - PACS Server Integration

Hi guys,

I just wanted to jump in and ask what the status of the PACS integration is? For full disclosure, I am unfortunately not a developer. I managed to install OpenEMR as well as GNUHealth and Orthanc to work with a MRI-Viewer, but that is about it. I am actually a medical data scientist.
Why I am asking is, we are supporting several rural hospitals in Africa as well as a bigger hospital in Masar-e-Sharif (yep, that is Afghanistan). We want to switch from “diagnostic support” to “full hospital management” since this make follow-ups and doctor organization much smoother. Currently I have OpenEMR and GNUHealth running side-by-side. I am leaning towards OpenEMR, but the Orthanc-integration in GNUHealth allows to nicely organize a radiology department. In addition, we can use a MDR/ FDA certified MRI-viewer, which allows medical diagnosis from a legal point of view (no offense against the OpenEMR builtin viewer :wink: ).
Looking forward to hear from you guys!


P.S.: In any case, thanks for the awesome work! Such projects make it much easier for us to support people in less fortunate circumstances.

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