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Project - Integrate Telehealth

Telehealth is increasingly being used in healthcare and while OpenEMR does support a patient portal and communication with physicians via secure messaging or chat, OpenEMR does not yet support Telehealth. The goal is to support telehealth in OpenEMR.



Hi, I am Shreya Goyal, currently pursuing master’s in Health Informatics from IUPUI. I have a strong background in biomedical data analysis, Machine Learning, Clinical decision support systems, clinical information system and database management systems. I think telehealth is an important aspect of today’s modernization and incorporating Telehealth with EHR will largely benefit the users. The project looks interesting to me and I believe that I have the required skills to contribute to the project and to the organization.

Hi Shreya,
I agree. How can I help you get started? I could outline what I think is a good starting point and show where in codebase one could start the engineering process.

I’m really happy you’ve shown an interest here and look forward working with you. If you so choose to accept the mission.:slight_smile:

Could you please elaborate on what all functionalities do we intend to achieve as a part of this project.

Hi, I am Vasu Jain. he project looks interesting to me and I want to contribute to this idea. I believe this idea will require Machine learning and Natural language processing tools along with web sockets for communication between physicians and patients. I would like to know about the codebase of this project so that I can start contributing. Thanks.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, sure. I am interested in the project and looking forward to work on this project. That would be great if you can provide an brief overview and outline of he project and I can start working on it.

Hi all,
I suppose we need a starting point. For OpenEMR’s purpose, i’d like to focus on the clinical(telemedicine) namely, communications.

Currently the only feature that addresses this is in our portals Secure Chat. This feature was written with allowing patient and care teams or providers to securely message. It includes ability to send images whether video or image formats. However, with the recent proliferation of video(including chat feature) tools, portal chat is somewhat passe.

So, i’d say video conference would be our best bet to get a telemedicine feature started. To this end we’d need to find the best video tools to fit with a hipaa compliant implementation of video along with building infrastructure into OpenEMR to support. These two requirements can happen in tandem.

For infrastructure the main areas needing addressed are:

  • Integrate video sessions with Appointments for scheduling and billing.
  • Integrate with encounters because, well how else do we document.
  • Integrate with portal however, should still have ability to conference from other means. Mobile etc.

For video streaming tools, currently we have Nodejs, PHP and Javascript that can support.

My current thinking is to have our own streaming server while trying to keep as much as we can within OpenEMRs domain. I’ve setup a node server in the past using but, by all means research as I haven’t looked in awhile.

Important is to keep Hipaa forefront.



Hi All,

We can integrate the Zoom api for the video conference just we need to check zoom api is freely available or not.

If any one already investigated on that then please comment

Here is a version of OpenEMR patient portal with Zoom
First, the patient needs to create a video appointment from here
Request an appointment by clicking “Videoconsult”

Now, the physician can login to OpenEMR and start the video conference using zoom just by clicking the patientportal—>scheduled appointments from the OpenEMR home screen.

hi @Nilesh_Hake, what about jitsi?

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I will check that and comment here later

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