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Project - Hybrid App with Image Processing

Respected mentors,

I wanna propose a hybrid app with functionalities that required image recognition. We can start from the simplest implementation like reading medicine info from an image(suggested by @mdsupport ) then may move to a higher level where we can make the app capable of extracting meaningful interpretation out of the medical monitor. Also, we can replicate the functionalities which are frequently used and require a camera(any operation which is easy with a mobile) to the app for easy access.

Another feature that I wanna propose is the ability to check the heartbeat with the help of mobile alone. This feature will be quite beneficial to people who face difficulty in commuting to clinics in my vision.


Selected Student:

@brady.miller (primary)


Hi @im-Amitto ,

Sounds very interesting and it could continue to be leveraged and expanded on in the future to support new features (ie. the sky would be the limit).


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@im-Amitto, I would suggest following milestones -

  1. Setup Hello Openemr function that is able to establish link to an instance. From convenience perspective since most platforms have concept of account, it will be great if the login can use that. You can look at hybridauth we implemented on the server side sometime ago. That is currently not in standard codebase.
    At the end of this step, user should be able to get basic information.

  2. Add function to select area (in emr terms document category) and upload an image.

  3. Add function to send metadata about the image based on whatever local processing available on that device.

  4. Process image (and optionally the metadata) in emr.

If you want full experience, reach out to local clinics in your community to see if anyone is already / willing to start using openemr and see your code in action. Their feedback will be far more valid than any software mentor.

A short note about cardiac or any information generated by consumer devices.

Basic building blocks for such feature are:

  1. That device should be able to establish an authenticated session.
  2. EMR server should be able to route stream to various destinations - filesystem, live chat, whatever.
  3. EMR application should be able to effectively use that data in proper context.

I would think you are currently working on 1 & 2.

Hi @brady.miller @mdsupport,
Can I start working on it after march 5th as I have ongoing exams till march 4th and a research paper to submit by March 3rd though I am active on GitHub repo in meantime.


hi @im-Amitto ,

Definitely ok. You’ll still be well within the timeline:

You’re already well on track by participating in the community on github and learning the codebase :slight_smile:


I will start on it from tomorrow as that’s my last day of exam :partying_face:.

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@mdsupport @brady.miller
Sorry for the delay, few plans got rescheduled due to covid-19.
I am planning to start developing the app from today and planning of using Flutter(dart) for the front-end and golang on the back-end.
Just want to know if the above mentioned tech are good enough or you want me to look for something else.

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Google would not argue with those choices :slightly_smiling_face:

I would also recommend an independent repo with a module approach where an emr installation can decide if they want to permit this type of access.

Also suggest adding few more devs so everyone gets an idea of teams.

Look forward to your progress.


hi @im-Amitto , Agreed and looking forward to learning about Flutter/golang and seeing your progress. My only rec at this point is to connect to OpenEMR via the API.

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@brady.miller, I would suggest reserving a demo instance with standard data thru end of this task that can be used reliably by everyone.

@im-Amitto, Pl keep the international nature of project (rtl languages and translations support) in the foundation. If needed we can extend emr’s translations for this.

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@brady.miller @mdsupport
Attachin video of the App v0.1-beta.


@im-Amitto ,
Nice! Is it actually checking for auth via the API? If so, then triple nice!!

Yes, it use the rest api for the validation of the credentails.
Next, i am planning to add a setting icon and a connection indicator on login tab to configure base address and port number.

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Also, Where should i upload the codebase so team can review it and i can get some feedback.

Hi @im-Amitto ,
I can create repos in OpenEMR and give you admin/write privileges to it. Then will make it easy to get reviews/feedback on it. Just let me know how many (assuming 2) need and what you want them called.

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I’m not good at naming :frowning:
App-Flutter-Openemr & App-Golang-Openemr should do the thing.

here they are (i removed the caps, since this can cause problems):

You have admin privileges to them.

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I will push the code to my little babies as soon as i reach the v0.1-stable :slight_smile:

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I got caught up in some checkup related to COVID-19 and it took almost 3 days so i couldn’t able to push the code earlier. :slight_smile:

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