Procedures - Batch Results not working after upgrade from 4.2.2 to 7.0.2

Can someone help? After upgrade from 4.2.2 to 7.0.2, I select procedures - batch results then click in the procedure box then a pup-up appears for me to select the desires procedures. After selecting procedure, I click save and pup-up disappears but whatever I selected does not appear in the procedure box. Thanks

That’s going to be hard to troubleshoot without pertinent information.
Version 7 requires a different underlying LAMP/XAMPP stack to run than 4, so there would have to have been additional infrastructure upgrades underneath. You’ll need to look at the system error logs and get some hard data versus speculating about what’s not working.

I have searched in OpenEMR log table and php logs but could not find any errors. I do this by noting the time I save then search through the logs for any entry with the same time frame and I find none. May I share a very short video of what my problem is. Please excuse me I don’t know how else to describe my problem. And could someone point me in the direction to look for possible cause.

Link for video: Pohnpei CHC - Google Chrome 2024-01-19 09-36-27.mp4 - Google Drive

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hi @Kanoberson, does this fix your issue?

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Thank you vey much Stephen. Works like a charm now.

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