Problem with calendar, fresh install

Problem with calendar. Just Open a page with “Problem in Database Connection”

OpenEMR Version


Operating System
I’m using: windows 7 PRO

What are your php.ini settings?
Is this constant or does the calendar come up some times?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I tried with a fresh install, since I always had this error when using the 6.1 upgrade, and I didn’t know if the error was my database, or what…
I installed the latest version of Xampp, and changed PHP.ini only with the settings recommended in the instructions.
I always have this error in the calendar. everything else works fine…
In the previous version of Xampp (with PHP 7.4), where the 6.1 version runs normally, it also gives the same error.
I haven’t tested it with another server yet (I have a test computer where I work with wamp, but I haven’t tested it yet… for some reason that I can’t explain, sometimes I have problems on one server and not on the other, as is the case with an error that I always have in XAMPP of error in Query in translations, but in wamp I don’t have this error).

As soon as possible I’ll update the publication with php.ini (at the moment I don’t have access to any server, only mobile).

Hello. Here is the php.ini file as requested…
php.ini (74.1 KB)

Thanks, when you setup your server did you use this to configure all the dependencies?

sudo apt-get install apache2 mariadb-server libapache2-mod-php libtiff-tools php php-mysql php-cli php-gd php-xml php-curl php-soap php-json imagemagick php-mbstring php-zip php-ldap

I’m running the Xampp server in Windows 7 Pro. Not in Linux.

but you still need to satisfy all of the dependencies even if you are running xampp. If you don’t install all of the necessary dependencies, you will have random things that go wrong because the program is depending on other modules to run correctly.

Without a good foundation, you can’t expect the program to run correctly.

can you confirm that these dependencies are installed?

 php-cli php-gd php-xml php-curl php-soap php-json imagemagick php-mbstring php-zip php-ldap

Hello. I apologize for the delay in answering. Once again I thank you for the answers. After analyzing PHPinfo, I installed imagick, which would be the only one missing and php-gd was not enabled.
I think that was the problem. For now in the fresh install (Will try to upgrade from 6.1 tomorrow), the calendar is working. Only error persisting, is the translation error, that i get the error in xampp, but not in WAMP server :s