Prior Authorizations Medicare (NGS)

I’m wanting to start working on handling prior authorization EDI to Medicare. Looks like NGS has a pretty good process setup. Are there any providers out there that would like to help build the process and get some free prior-authorization processing in the mean time?

At first the process will be only on my portal, then once we get that worked out and the api fully flushed out I’ll put in my module in openEMR and connect it to the patient dashboard and such.

If anybody does prior-auth and wants to help out let me know! I’m open to other payers as well, but I see NGS is already ready to go and I already have connections so it should be an easy path.

Process as I see it now:
Create the prior auth and upload the C-CDA R2.1, hopefully OpenEMR can produce that, then my system would create the EDI and send the attachment when it’s time. I’ll display the results and we can decide what data is needed to be imported into OpenEMR.