Printed reports font size too small

Can someone tell me which file to modify to change global font size setting for printed reports? OpenEMR version 7.0.2

Thank you,

Kanoberson Asher

The style file for pdf used/is called from /interface/themes/style_pdf.css
Somehow the sheet was converted and compiled as scss however it’s never compiled and copied to public theme directory plus the path to sheet in code is still the same.
In the end this is a bug and a short term fix would be to copy the scss to css and remove core import.

For custom reports the css needs to be in /public/themes/style_pdf.css

I’m doubtful we will put this is a patch but here it is for those that want to rebuild theme.

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when you say printed reports do you mean the patient report @Kanoberson ?

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Hi Stephen,
Yes, patient reports as well as other reports like visits, patient list, and financial reports. The reports are fine except I was wondering if there is a way for me to increase font size on the generated pdf to be printed.

Thank you

hi kanoberson,

there’s a configuration option:
admin/config/pdf/font size in pt
which i would have thought would be what you need - but when i tried it it made no difference, i was trying it on the reports/clients/list. so i’m not sure what this option does affect?

but meanwhile when i print the report, using firefox on linux, the print pop up gives me the option to increase the scale of the document, which has the affect of increasing font size
but i expect you’d like a more permanent solution so you doesn’t have to increase the scale each time you print


Is for letter heading font size.
I went ahead and added a new font size for PDF to Config->PDF

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you could override it in the patient report