Print dob in patient list

OpenEMR 5. Need to get a patient list that includes date of birth, not age. Tried changing “Patient List Columns” with the List Editor, but that does not change the report.

Is there any way to get a text file out with the patient’s demographics, including dob?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi @docaltmed welcome back to the forum!
It’s not clear precisely what your needs are with this DOB in a report. And I do not have a copy of OpenEMR 5 to look at, but I assume you are selecting the ‘Details’ checkbox on the reports that have one and that none of them have a DOB column like you need it.

As far as getting the data you want in a report that doesn’t have it by default, you have a couple options.

  1. Find the report you want to add the DOB to and get some Comp Sci college student to code it as a PHP class project. Or hire it done from the devs that hang out here in the forum. It would be a fairly simple, and therefore comparatively inexpensive, project.
  2. If you have some sort of database management system installed on your OpenEMR server you could run a MySQL query against your database and get whatever columns you wanted in a report. If you don’t have a DBMS, your IT Consultant Pro-Tem could install one, such as adminer or phpMyAdmin, and write your query and show you how to use it. Again, this is not IT rocket science, more on the level of intermediate aeronautics, so shouldn’t be too expensive. And once you have the DBMS in place it opens up your system to being able to make any reports you want on your clinical data.
    Good luck!
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