Prescription & Immunization Billing

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I am new here and also 2 months old with OpenEMR. In conjunction with my colleague (Two non-medical but tech professionals), we have been able to find our way around OpenEMR a bit thanks to various documents, this forum, the demo setup and youtube videos. But there are still some cloudy areas.

Billing….We were able to create prescriptions and also add immunization to a patient’s chart but we have not been able to find how to include the prescription charges and immunization charges on the fee sheet. How do I do this?

Please can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in anticipation.


Nuhu M

If this is about something your clinic sells and/or administers, you can explore the optional inventory feature. Then you will be able to include those items as products on fee sheet. If billing to insurance is involved, you will need to import/enter their codes.


Thank You MD Support,

I will explore that.


Nuhu M

Also try:

Admin → Coding → Codes

Enter your prices on this page.

Check these out:

Keep in mind the system’s appearance has changed, but a lot of the information is valid.

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Thanks A lot Sandra,

Very Well appreciated.


Nuhu M

@Nuhu_Mazai -
In addition to the link Sandra provided here is another page that gives some details on setting prices on service codes, which will appear in the fee sheet and therefore can be billed and manipulated by the billing module.

First link is the section of the page that talks about setting multiple price levels besides the default single- tier ‘Standard’ price.

This link is further down in the page describes the steps for setting the desired price for any code.

That section’s instructions are rather unfortunate and less than helpful (I can say that because I wrote the page!) and I hope to update it to something worthwhile some time soon.

However, it does describe the steps to get the place where one may set a price for any of the codes that have been imported into the EMR.
Good luck!

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Thank you very much for helping with more information.

Truly appreciated. :+1: :+1: