Post payments missing

cannot find posting payments under fees in openemr 7.0.2. upgraded from version 5.0.1

hi @Yara_Munees , what’s the user’s access control set to?

Screenshot from 2024-01-03 15-16-34

can see it when you edit the user as an admin

if it’s like the above where it’s set to only clinician, you’ll have add Accounting by ctrl-clicking that item and then save to add that access control as well, then logout and back in to see it in the Fees menu

It is set to administrator.

Then it should be visible under Fees->Posting Payments like it is on the main demo, OpenEMR Login


I can find it in my fresh install of version 7.0.2. But could not find in the system upgraded from 5.0.1

It is solved. Enable posting was not done in admin->config->appearance.

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