Portal Credit Card Payment != Stripe

In portal/potal_payment.php there is this line 1314

   <?php if ($GLOBALS['payment_gateway'] != 'Stripe') { ?>

The clinic is using stripe. But in using stripe the credit card fields are hidden of course. I don’t understand why the fields would be hidden when there is where there is no other place to enter the credit card number.

When the fields are hidden and the pay now button is clicked. It displays that the CC numbers are missing. The numbers are missing because the fields are hidden. Could you help me to understand the logic that should be happening here?

@sjpadgett in the screenshot I have to change the != Stripe to == Stripe so the fields can show.

They shouldn’t. Most likely was messed up in one of the numerous restyles. Check the styling for the stripe dialog. Wait, I’ll look at real quick and get back to ya.

I added a PR for styling in the portal. We have a long document that does not scroll on an iPad. This fixed it for us.

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Remember that though the card is charged the payment is not applied until done in Portal Dashboard audit.

On audit you’ll get a JS error for replace under_score function, ignore for now. Lib changed and I have to track it down.

See attached: portal/portal_payment.php

portal_payment.php (81.8 KB)

Also: Patient is notified when payment is posted:

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This has a bad side effect. It makes everything scrollable

We only needed the Consent form to be able to scroll on an iPad. It does scroll now but everything has scroll bars and that was not the objective.

That’s because you set the div to always scroll. Try using a bootstrap class: overflow-auto

see this tread post: V6 Documentation wish list

If you email the template for broke sizing i’ll look at…

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Hi @sjpadgett, I sent the file to you yesterday.

Here is a solution for scroll on IOS:
Edit portal/patient/templates/OnsiteDocumentListView.tpl.php around L-361 and make look like:

<div id="templatediv" class="card-body border p-2 m-1 bg-white h-100 overflow-auto">
                <div id="templatecontent" class="template-body bg-white"><div class="text-center"><i class="fa fa-circle-notch fa-spin fa-3x ml-auto"></i></div></div>

You’re basically adding h-100 overflow-auto to the card body.

Will be in my PHP 8 fixes PR for patch(3)

Let me know…

All visiting, these issues are addressed in next patch 3:

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