Portal Alert Feature?

Is there a way to know that something occurred in the portal?

Can we put a notification/alert into the div id=attendantData some sort of notification that something happened in the portal we need to address? Chat request, email, payment received to process etc.

Not sure what quote is, but; currently if Chat is active in a tab(selected or not) you will get a browser alert on new messages. Otherwise for an active alert for others, i’m just not sure what approach to take without an annoying background task in OpenEMR proper. I’ll think on it some(an even more arduous task, too be sure :slight_smile: )

This div is the 2nd tier div that currently contains patient name/photo, encounter list and messages waiting indicator.

I’ll look into and see what I can do Ray.

Hi @rmagauran
Thinking about this some, i’m not sure the patient is the right place for most alerts from portal. For instance, perhaps a provider may not view the chart for as long as a few months i.e next appointment and an important message/alert would be missed for that amount of time.
Maybe pnotes but not for Secure mail(might drive yourself crazy if many patients on portal).

My intent for dashboard was that it would be the place to manage portal alerts and audits. Though the dashboard is not the best it could be, i’m open for suggestions as your concern is an important one…

I wasn’t thinking while in a chart but what about something like here:

It would show up whether you are in a chart or not, similar to the new message indicator for internal “message center” messages.

I see duh! Okay, let me see what I come up with. I’ll start with mail is available (similar to portals mail from pull down in title bar) and go from there.

@rmagauran How about this? P.R Portal version update by sjpadgett · Pull Request #1915 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

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Nice job! I will play with this but it is definitely a great improvement - to make the users aware that there is portal work to be done… Over time as people use this and OpenEMR adds features, there will be a desire to merge all notifications into one space and here you have done that with the portal features alongside messaging! I see this Portal Notification shows up if Portal is activated, but what if there is no work to be done in the Portal? Is the notification invisible? I can imagine incoming WebRTC consult requests being next in line, especially if CMS is going to start paying for them Jan 1 2019 (we will see). Perhaps Robert can weigh in on UI issues for this little corner of the EMR.

Wait! I went through all that work to show my pretty little pull down notification and now you want me to hide it! Are you crazy? :slight_smile:
I’m not sure how dynamic KO is from DOM but I should be able to hide it somehow…
My original intention for Chat was to allow patient to schedule a Chat appointment and tie into billing. Could be great for Mental Health and Senior Care (even pain management followups). Also Chat allows provider to send a notification message blast to several or all portal users or patient can send a video/picture for provider to discuss. Add in Secure voice and video and eureka.

Jerry it is beautiful.

Wait! I went through all that work to show my pretty little pull down notification and now you want me to hide it! Are you crazy? :slight_smile:


I just worry that if it is always there, it will be ignored, perhaps because the tasks in the portal don’t pertain to all users? When portal tasks are completed, it goes away. When there is work to do, it shows up. Which raises the question: when visible, who should be able to see it, so they can work on it? I’m driving you down the murky road of globals and acl… On second thought, maybe you should just leave it alone…

Nope, you make valid points. Originally I envisioned portal attention would become part of practice workflow thus, the Dashboard. An admin would check through out day and handle any required actions. What we really need is a background notification alerting system(maybe Nodejs) but, i’d rather spend time on WebRTC. For now this will do except maybe i’ll hide if no notifications.

I added where pull down will hide/show if mail and/or audits are available. I did the same for pnote Messages as well? So they’ll come and go.
I’m afraid if I mess with it too much more I will start adding smiley face icons and pink colors :slight_smile:

This can be closed as request granted :slight_smile:



We use a system called OnPage. It is integrated with our openEMR and we have the ability to notify physicians of new admissions, prescriptions, charts, discharges and many more. You should really look into it. And OnPage delivers a loud alert which the physician needs to respond to it in order to stop. I also has the ability to escalate if not responded to. It is a great system for after hours.

OnPage | Incident Alert Management | Clinical Communication System


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