Portal 2 - Available Times Not Showing Up


(Erik Pampalone) #1


Any ideas on why I don’t see all available times on Portal 2?

I have a person scheduled on Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri and Sat…

But only Sat shows up under available times.

(Jerry P) #2

Are ya sure the same provider is selected in portal as main calendar schedule?
I’m in process of replacing the appointment add/edit in portal to allow multi provider and recurring appointments. Recurring will only be allowed to be set by admin but I still need to display and handle changes in portal.

Two additional items:

  • If anything, the available appointment openings dialog sure is purdy! :slight_smile:
  • Don’t tell anyone i’m working on the calendar. They may get ideas. :slight_smile:


Hello Erik ( @naya ),

Are your “In Office” events predominantly recurrtype 3 events (“Days Of Week”)? If they are this might be your problem. The Onsite Patient Portal 2 can not handle recurrtype 3 events.

Two ways to go. Modify Onsite Patient Portal 2 code or redo your calendar in terms of recurrtype 1 events (“Repeat every week”)