Portal 2 - Available Times Not Showing Up


Any ideas on why I don’t see all available times on Portal 2?

I have a person scheduled on Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri and Sat…

But only Sat shows up under available times.

Are ya sure the same provider is selected in portal as main calendar schedule?
I’m in process of replacing the appointment add/edit in portal to allow multi provider and recurring appointments. Recurring will only be allowed to be set by admin but I still need to display and handle changes in portal.

Two additional items:

  • If anything, the available appointment openings dialog sure is purdy! :slight_smile:
  • Don’t tell anyone i’m working on the calendar. They may get ideas. :slight_smile:
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Hello Erik ( @naya ),

Are your “In Office” events predominantly recurrtype 3 events (“Days Of Week”)? If they are this might be your problem. The Onsite Patient Portal 2 can not handle recurrtype 3 events.

Two ways to go. Modify Onsite Patient Portal 2 code or redo your calendar in terms of recurrtype 1 events (“Repeat every week”)