Popup window is not generated for edit the existed event when configure at Calendar both Admin & doctor page


(marimuthu) #1

Hello Developers,

Actually, its happening when the layout option(from Miscellaneous -> Preferences) is changed from tabs into frame. For the “tabs” setting, the pop-up window is opened normal but after changed into “frame” setting its not opened. I’ve modified layout options for both settings and formdata section codes. But still getting the same issue.

We need your suggestion and modified codes to resolve this issue.

In frame setting,

Here, the calendar edit event pop-up window is not generated by click the section.

Marimuthu A
Software Developer

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #2

What version of OpenEMR are you running. What are the specifications of your server system? Which client and which browser are you using?

I reproduced your issue.

I used OpenEMR 5.0.1 running on AWS using a Chrome browser and clicked a row the edit popup for the appointment (event) appeared without any problem in the “tabbed” mode, as you state. Then when I went to the “Frame” mode, there is no popup for the appointment (event). Looks like this is the way it works right now, and it would be necessary to go to the appointment (event) some other way to edit it.

(marimuthu) #3

Hello Mr.Ralf

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using openemr-5.0.1 and my client system specification are ubuntu 16.04 with 4 gb ram. I’m using both chrome and mozilla browsers.

Like you mentioned, the same issue I’m facing here. I tried to open a pop-up but there was no reflections.
I’m expecting your help.

Marimuthu A
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(Jerry P) #4

No such global. Maybe you meant Appearance->Layout
This works in 501(7). I remember fixing some dialogs in Frames UI but not when.

(marimuthu) #5

Hello Mr.sjpadgett

Thanks for your reply.
But it’s not working in frame set layout option in both demo and installed openemr at local system.
You mentioned like 501(7) in the reply.
I couldn’t understand the meaning of the number.

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(Jerry P) #6

Maybe i’m missing what the issue is but, to edit existing event in frame UI it appears to work.

(marimuthu) #7

Hello Mr.Jerry P

Yes. You are right. It’s working on your link.

But I tried in open demo page (https://www.open-emr.org/demo/). There are 3 demos. I’ve checked all the demos and faced the same issue

I’ve installed openemr 5.0.1 local system which is downloaded from the link https://www.open-emr.org/wiki/index.php/OpenEMR_Downloads for Linux. I’m facing the same issue here also.

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(Jerry P) #8

Okay i’ve recreated on demo but this works on my development version of 501 patch 7 so I must have fixed and put in 502 and not a patch for 501.
I’ll see if I can track it down.

(Jerry P) #9

@marimuthu @Ralf_Lukner
I knew I had fixed this. Check this issue Popup window is not generated for edit the existed event when configure at Calendar both Admin Portal · Issue #2290 · openemr/openemr · GitHub I even posted a patch for 501.

(marimuthu) #10

Hello Mr.Jerry
Its working now.
Thanks for your help.

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