POC Devices Interface to OpenEMR

(Dennis Lottero) #1

I am interested in having multiple POC devices interfaced to OpenEMR to allow the devices to send test results, once approved, directly into a patients record. Some of the devices I need to interface include:
Digital Stethoscope
Video Otoscope
Video Dermatoscope
Rapid Test Reader
Weighing scale

I would appreciate if someone could point me to a know solution.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #2

All of the devices you mention would have to be developed. There are not any premade tech to connect all of these devices to the program.

You might want to start your search here
Free and Open-Source Software—An Analog Devices Perspective …

(Dennis Lottero) #3

Hello Sherwin – thanks for your response. I am more specifically looking to interface such POC devices through an App running on a tablet and then updating the patient record from the App. Given
the proliferation of POC healthcare devices, it seems strange that no one has interfaced a POC device to OpenEMR at this point.

Perhaps ordering tests through the Lab module and having the POC devices seen as a clinical lab analyzer might be a way to approach this task. Any thoughts on that approach?

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