Planning for OpenEMR 5.0.1 release

(Brady Miller) #1

Hi Everybody,

Starting to begin planning for the next OpenEMR release. This new release already has a myriad of new stuff (such as the new patient portal and institutional billing support from @sjpadgett, user interface improvements from @zbig01 and @robert.down, major layout engine improvements from @sunsetsystems, and huge amount of other new stuff, which plan to detail as get ready for the new release).

The goal is to release OpenEMR 5.0.1 within 2 months. And this post is a CALL TO ARMS for the community to begin focusing on this. There are several things that community needs to focus on getting done before releasing 5.0.1:

  1. MedEx. This is work by @rmagauran which brings in third party support option for patient reminders along with marked improvements in the messaging and patient tracker modules. First step is for me to rebase the current code on top of master in a new pull request. Then @robert.down plans to help out with styling. Then it should be ready to get into the codebase.

  2. Bootstrap and support for responsive. This is work by @zbig01. We have already checked in the core part of the work and a bunch of new themes into the codebase. I am currently working with @zbig01 to bring in the 70+ scripts that he has already updated to bootstrap/responsive.

  3. PHP 7.1 support. This is something that we need testers and developers to focus on. And is a great thing to work on for testers/developers looking to work on small projects of high importance. There is already a development demo that is running in php 7.1 for testers here: . And note there is a php error log link there. Recommend doing a bunch of testing and then reporting the errors you note in the php error log. For example, check out Administration->Globals->Save. And of course, feel free to fix these issues in a pull request.

  4. cTakes support. This is @Matthew_Vita’s baby and it will be awesome. Basically will take unstructured data such as a clinic note and point out coding elements (SNOMED/ICD10 etc). This is cutting edge research stuff. Goal for OpenEMR 5.0.1 is to just support it in some way (ie. does not need to be fancy). This will give OpenEMR 5.0.1 a real research scope to it.

  5. FHIR support. @visolveemr is working on this. Goal is for OpenEMR 5.0.1 to just support it in some way (ie. does not need to be fancy).

  6. Education support. I am working on this. Goal is to support several education/instruction sites with a online demo and instruction set(ie. the site will provide their instruction material and we would host it and the companion demo(s)).

  7. Massive amount of demo data patient records. @JBW is working on this, and is vital for support of above Education and Research (ie. cTakes stuff) items; waiting on above FHIR support which will then allow use of tools to import huge amount of patient data. @JBW is also working on some other awesome big data analysis projects (such as incorporating R into analysis of patient records in OpenEMR), which also requires large demo data sets.

  8. General testing and bug fixes. This goes without saying. As with the above PHP 7.1 Support, we need to identify all bugs and fix em.


(Matthew Vita) #2

Sounds like a plan!


Hoping that AWS support can be included in this release. At least one known code upgrade - randomized password (already implemented in the AMI form of Cloud Express), possible change supporting AWS BAA, possibly more TBD.


The key enabler of #6 demo data patient records is FHIR protocol. Hope to post an update soon.

(Brady Miller) #5

hi @JBW,
AWS support will definitely be included in this release. Goal is that AWS support will actually be official even before this future release(5.0.1) with current OpenEMR 5.0.0 :smile:

(Brady Miller) #6

hi @JBW,

Thanks for the reminder on FHIR. I just updated my intitial post to include FHIR.


(Matthew Vita) #7

This will be one heck of a release! The Golden Age is here!

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #8

We tend to refer to it as the Renaissance :grinning:

(Jerry P) #9

For some of us, it was just our childhood!

(Ryan Nix) #10

Something else that might be nice is to simply run OpenEMR in Redhat OpenShift. I might be able to help build a YAML/JSON template so that people can simply deploy OpenEMR is the free tier at

(Brady Miller) #11

Hi @Ryan_Nix ,

Sounds like a great idea. It looks like that would be based on docker. Rec. getting involved with the folks (including myself) that are working on the docker(this is currently available with more details on OpenEMR’s download page), which are also being used for a soon to be released lightweight aws cloud install:


(Matthew Vita) #12

@Ryan_Nix Cool! Do you know if there’s a HIPAA friendly option with this company?


(Eric Steven Salosny Lagos) #13

Amazing! Keep going! I am still studying Openemr 5.0.1, specially patient portal and calendar. I am also interested on Dicom, i hope the next release includes interaction with PACS.

(Ryan Nix) #14

Hey @MatthewVita,

I’m not sure if OpenShift is HIPAA compliant or not. runs on AWS, and I know AWS has the option to do a BAA, but probably only if you’re using one of their approved services directly, i.e. no abstraction. It seems that Redhat does not enter into a BAA with the end customer when the customer is using to host and run applications:
"Red Hat is not acting as a “Business Associate” as that term is defined in HIPAA."

So the short answer is OpenShift is probably not HIPAA compliant.

  • Ryan

(Matthew Vita) #15

Thank you for the rundown, sir! Was very helpful.


(Brady Miller) #16


Here’s a list of Issues that need to be addressed prior to the 5.0.1 release (the list is large, but it’s really not that bad :smile: ):
5.0.1 Milestone · GitHub

Note I just did broad superficial testing of OpenEMR (especially php 7.1 testing) and placed the issues that I noted in list linked above.

Regarding the list of issues, basically, the more red you see per Issue, the more serious it is.

Please, please, please, feel free to pick up Issues and fix them. The PHP bug fixes are perfect small and quick fixes to learn more about OpenEMR codebase and development.


(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #17

If we are really on top of the github milestone and assigning issues to it, we can start generating real changelogs.

(Matthew Vita) #18

Great news: @kofiav and I are happy to say that DICOM viewing will be possible in OpenEMR shortly (in the coming week). Can be added to this release (low blast radius in terms of code changes).

Edit1: this doesn’t include the PACS server… that is a bigger beast that will be handled over the next several months :slight_smile:

Edit2: Great work, Victor


(Brady Miller) #19

Very nice!

(R Magauran) #20

Just to add that Linode offers a BAA also, at no extra charge. As I went through the vettting process with them, I found they considered and have included HIPAA compliance across their platform, from user access in their server farms to how fried disks are destroyed. That being said, having a BAA in place doesn’t mean you are not responsible for locking down your server… I have formal BAAs in place with them for several services I offer, including my cloud-based installation of openEMR.