Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

(Matthew Vita) #41

Exciting news… @kofiav has done some great work on getting DWV into the system. It’s currently getting into the codebase:

@ivmartel 3 things:

  1. Would you be okay with being in a small press release around this?
  2. Our next version of this will support the automatic linkage of state.json with a file… do you have any good practices in mind for this?
  3. Looks like you have i18n in the library… I can’t find all of the relevant documentation around it, however. Can you point me to it?

@jodogne Sir! After this initial release, Victor and I will begin to work on the Orthanc side of things. Looking forward to it.


Matthew Vita
OpenEMR Project Administrator

(Yves) #42

The integration looks good! Here are my answer to your questions:

  1. No problem
  2. Not much, sorry… The ‘state.json’ file is a quick way to save presentation and roi data. DICOM provides ways of storing this kind of data too which would be more standard but I did not have time to look into it.
  3. dwv uses the i18next library, it is initialised in the applauncher with ‘dwv.i18nInitialise()’ (dwv/i18n.js at master · ivmartel/dwv · GitHub) which detects the browser language and uses HTTP requests to fetch the appropriate translation files in the locales folder.

I see you use the ‘static’ viewer, just in case, you saw there were others in the viewers folder? Is it the one you plan to use? It is the first one I did, quite similar to desktop viewers so ok with a large screen to fit the boxes. For smaller screen I would advise to use the ‘mobile’ one.

(Sébastien Jodogne) #43

Great! Keep me updated :slight_smile:

(Matthew Vita) #44

Awesome. Thanks for the quick response. I will look into the mobile viewer!


(Eric Steven Salosny Lagos) #45

Wooow keep going!

(Eric Steven Salosny Lagos) #46


@jodogne, you are rigth, Orthanc can use PostgreSQL, it’s opensource and have a very nice REST API. I was talking about personal reasons time ago to choose DCM4CHEE. Both are goods solutions and have my admiration. I´ll be happy with any desition, more if we count with skilled people like you in this integration.

(Matthew Vita) #47

Not sure if you guys, saw, but I called out a few people in my recent conference report:

@kofiav @ivmartel @brady.miller also looking forward to bringing in @jodogne!

I do apologize for my big delay recently. I have been extremely busy. I’m planning on getting a press release first draft ready this weekend. Yves, Victor, Brady: Do you guys have ‘action shots’ so we can include pictures? See http://www.openhealthnews.com/content/openemr-launches-easy-install-option-amazons-cloud-services for an example


(Matthew Vita) #48

Also, @ivmartel, we went with the mobile viewer as you suggested. Next up is to get multiple slides in :slight_smile:

(Victor Kofia) #49

Hi @MatthewVita - thanks for the working on the press release. I just saw this post and will try to get back to you as soon as possible with an action shot.

(Matthew Vita) #50

For anyone (other than the core team) that is following this thread, we are getting wrapped up with the first version of this!


(Matthew Vita) #51

Project updates:

Gmail - OpenEMR v5.0.0.8 - Medical Image Viewing Support_ Final Steps.pdf (374.3 KB)

In action:

(Jerry P) #52

Quick note.
With the newly released 5.0.1, a Dicom file extension is no longer required to import images in Documents. Import will now read the image header to determine mime and add a required extension to complete upload if necessary. You are still required to zip views individual images for scrolling in viewer however, there is not a requirement for file extensions inside zip as upload will review and validate all images in archive.
I’ve tested as many as 85 views on all flavors of environments OpenEMR currently runs under with success.
Good viewing!

(Elijah Wisdom) #53

@sjpadgett , @MatthewVita and @kofiav well done guys. You did a great work with the PACS.

(Quality Urgent Care) #54

New user here, just poking around OpenEMR 5.0.1 features to see what can be done before diving into a migration out of practice fusion. We use Conquest as our pacs server. It is fed by an ancient Konica-Minolta CS-2 xray workstation. I tried to upload a DCM image from there, but got this: “Error: Unsupoorted DICOM transfer syntax: ‘1.2.840.10008.’ (JPEG-LS).” Is this because my pacs is incompatible, or do I need to do something else in OpenEMR to make it work?

When I zip the .DCM file then upload it, the viewer just says 'Still Loading…" forever.

(Jerry P) #55

Our viewer appears to not support (found the error exception in code for this xfer type). Also a quote I found on web says: “Despite being included in the DICOM standard for over a decade, its actual real world use is almost non-existent in PACS”.
@MatthewVita or @kofiav may have further insight.

(Quality Urgent Care) #56

Ha! It’s probably non-existent because of its decrepitude. In another imaging forum, whenever I post a question about that CS-2 software the only answers I ever get are like, “You need to update that old software”

Getting off topic here, but maybe the right people are seeing these questions I have:

What’s better, CS-7 or ImagePilot? Our techs are not experts.

Does anyone know at what point the image format changes to Dicom? Is it on the Xray workstation or in the PACS? When I look on the workstation, I can only find what looks like raw images (*.IMG), but I can’t find any program that can deal with them. Sometimes CS-2 ‘loses’ studies. When it does, I need to use the built-in japanese utility program, “Mainte.exe” which only runs on Windows XP, to recover the images. Nothing else in the world I can find can read them.

(Matthew Vita) #57

Hi @QUC,

Not sure I understand your question, but you’ll definitely want to upgrade your imaging software in this case.

We’re here for any other questions!