Physician interested in contributing

(Mary Mast) #1


This may not be the appropriate place to post this, in which case I apologize!

I am a newly minted family medicine physician working in a rural town at a community hospital/clinic that uses Meditech. I am working part time but also pursuing graduate training in clinical informatics.

I am really interested in contributing to OpenEMR in some way! I have a small amount of CS training (in Python, HTML/CSS), but obviously would likely be able to help more on the clinical experience/testing side of things. One specific interest includes integration of Dragon or other speech-to-text software. However, in general I’m interested in contributing in whatever way I can (experienced with outpatient medicine, inpatient medicine, & labor and delivery).

I have browsed the forums a bit, but new to everything so let me know if there’s any way I can chip in.

Thanks very much,
Mary M.

(Rachel Ellison) #2

Hi Mary, great to hear from you.

I’m also really interested in the clinician/user experience side of things. If you’d like to chat at some point my email is

A good way to get involved is by joining the weekly developer zoom call.

I won’t be there this Saturday as I’ll be in class. Hope to hear from you.


(Mary Mast) #3

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your reply! I was able to attend the Saturday call and was very interested.

I will try to keep listening in on some Saturdays as I am able.

Mary M.