Physical vs mailing address


(Sherwin Gaddis) #1

We had a question arise about mail address added to facilities.

It is not a question of should it be added or could it be added. I am in the process of adding this now. But the question is this something others see of value in the system.

The question arose because of billing. The mailing address and the physical location are different. However, everyone should be aware that a PO box cannot be used as in a claim to Medicare.

I looked in the statement code and it pulls the address from the facility table.
Anyone else run into this issue to have both a physical address and a mailing address?

(Jerry P) #2

Hi, i’m not sure about the addresses but could you do me a favor while you’re touching Facility and add another Facility Id field specifically named Facility OID. Not sure what the original use for Facility ID (maybe companion to CLIA) but for say HIE’s, CCDA and FHIR an OID is required/wanted.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #3

No problem, will do! @sjpadgett

(Jerry P) #4

Thanks Sherwin, then i’ll modify the CCDA service now that I can count on that id location.

(Stephen Waite) #5

recently added this openemr/Claim.php at 5fc42c629a232a9538b04bc71ca97aed5d940f09 · openemr/openemr · GitHub


I agree with the need. Any thoughts on adding patient mailing addresses too? Example would be mailing bills, marketing, others and most importantly HIPAA Breach Notification letters.

(Sherwin Gaddis) #7

This is what I have come up with.