Phq 9 form missing in v.7.0.0

I just downloaded the version 7.0.0. release and it appears that the phq9 form is not included?
The file i downloaded was the one for Linux - openemr-7.0.0.tar.gz , the inteface/forms directory does not include the phq9 directory.

many thanks

Hi @ruth , do you mean this form?

hi stephen, yes i did mean that form. But i must apologise profusely, in my early morning haste i read the contents list for vers7.0 to include phq9 - i’ve just re-read the release note and realise what i was actually looking at was php 8 !! i think it was wishful reading!!!

i’ll get back to submitting the forms phq9, gad7 - and the latest-encounters-report - i had some questions that i needed to ask, but i wanted to wait till after the release of 7 was out of the way.

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