PHP Opcache Support in 7.0.2 Docker

FYI, I just accepted Jake Mevorach’s PR for running OpenEMR with “Opcache”, a PHP accelerator that caches compiled templates, something Stephen Nielson and I had been looking at last month. I’ve seen people talk about “fifty percent” speed boosts, though your results may vary. It’s not in production 7.0.1 yet, we’ve got it in 7.0.2 and flex, but we’re keeping a close eye on it.

If you’re not running our containers but you’d still like to pick this tech up, the patch is a good guide to what’s necessary – pull in the package, turn it on, throw a couple switches in php.ini. (Running xdebug? Better look opcache up first.) If you are running our containers, then as soon as we let this into 7.0.1, you can just re-up and it should pick the revised image up and get moving with it.

Thanks a ton, Jake!