PHP log entry


I am getting a log entry that says
“[29-Apr-2017 12:56:54 America/New_York] The output method has been executed again”

I searched the code for this phrase in any of the files and it is not.
Just trying to figure out where is it coming from. On a side note, this is the only error in my error log after a full day of running 5.0 on
Apache 2.4.18 - PHP 7.0.4
MySQL 5.7.11
PHP 5.6.19 for CLI (Command-Line Interface)



Not sure what the context of your issue is, but this is coming from the Cpdf package:



It is really not an issue but a curiosity on my part because this message is showing in the error log and should I be concerned about it. According to the code debugging is currently on. And according to the file if I only want errors to show in the log file, change line 76 to E_USER_ERROR. Otherwise, I will get a log filled with the message stated in my previous post. Hoping this discussion will help someone in the future with the same curiosity.