Patient Visit Details on the Calendar

We are trying to add more patient details to the calendar so when we print out the schedule there will be more relevant information – reason of visit, etc. When you hover over the patient, the information shows, when you print, only the basics are available… is there a way to configure what shows on the calendar?

Larry Myers

Hi Larry-
The amount of info you can include in a printout depends on the method you use to print it out.
You haven’t said which you use, or what information you want to add, but please follow along with the pictures below for one useful method.

  1. when the appointment is made (or it can be can be added any time before pt arrival) the ‘Comments’ text area at the bottom of the appointment dialog has quite a lot of room for free-text content.

  2. you can print out a report of the day’s appointments from: Reports/ Visits/ Appointments

  3. Set the report date range and other filters, click ‘Submit’
    See the Comments text area for each appointment.
    And of course this report is printable.

  4. One cool thing about the Comments: if you have ‘Auto-Create New Encounters’ turned on (in Admin/ Globals/ Calendar) the comment is automatically inserted into the encounter form under ‘Reason’…

… when the pt is checked in for his appointment and the encounter status is changed to ‘Arrived’.
Which can be useful.
Hope that helps!

  • Harley
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