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In version 4.2.2 I could search patient by name “lastname, firstname” and the result list is short. I upgraded to 7.0.1 and now I get no results with “lastname, firstname”. Can anyone share how to configure version 7.0.1 to do the same quick search as version 4.2.2?

hi @Kanoberson , that’s kind of a known bug, you can use the Admin->Lists->Patient List Columns as a work around so you can use 2 different input boxes for the names as we get this fixed for the next patch or release.

Recent Patients is a nice feature added in 7.0.2


Hi @Kanoberson -
To add to what @stephenwaite said, if you’re not familiar with the editing requirements for the ‘Patient List Columns’ list, see this wiki page:
It also talks about how you can add other database fields to the search tool, not only the name.
Best- HT

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