Patient Privacy Module installation ERROR:could not open table.sql, broken form?

Hi everyone, i am interested in testing the patient privacy module. I ran into a hurdle while installing it. When i click on “install” in the module manager, i receive the following error message:

ERROR:could not open table.sql, broken form?

This is a fresh installation of openemr 7.0.2 on Portainer. The permissions were set to apache (see screenshot) after copying the oe-patient-privacy folder to the virtual host path where custom modules are stored. I was not able to find any specific installation instructions for the patient privacy module so i was not sure of the folder name to use so i read through the php files and i found a url menu reference to a folder so i matched that name which is “oe-patient-privacy”.

I reviewed the error log files and there was an error that stood out. I have pasted it below.
error.log.4 (2.8 KB)
error.log.3 (2.0 KB)
error.log.2 (3.3 KB)
error.log.1 (85.8 KB)
error.log (2.8 KB)
I have attached the full error log files as well.

[Fri May 03 19:58:59.790954 2024] [php:notice] [pid 121] [client] Custom module /var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/interface/modules/custom_modules/oe-patient-privacy/openemr.bootstrap.php is enabled but missing bootstrap.php script. Install and enable in module manager. This is the only warning., referer:

If anyone has any specific instructions for installing this module on docker/portainer or any other configuration/tips, that will be great. Not sure about this missing bootstrap.php file or how to install it in module manager. Maybe that will help resolve the issue.

@nanosacred where did you get that module?

From Mi-Squares repo. Web search can fine. It is about four years old so unknown if Ken has been updating it through our releases.

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i found it here: Release v0.7.0 · mi-squared/oe-patient-privacy · GitHub

I have attached the PDF i found as well for it.
MI2-PtPrivacyModule-Handout-v1.0.pdf (662.3 KB)

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