Patient Privacy Issues

I am running into a couple of issues with the Patient Privacy feature.

  1. Several of our clients see more than one provider within our group. I can assign a client to one provider with the patient privacy feature, but I can’t assign them to more than one. Anyone have any suggestions on how to address this?

  2. I have assigned several clients to specific providers using the patient privacy feature but those clients are not showing up as a client for the provider I have attached them to. I’ve double checked they were added as a client, but I cannot assign them to their provider. Thoughts?

We are using version 7.0.0 dev

Hi @dmnlbh
Check my perceptions here, but I think the client/ provider assignment you’re trying to make goes the wrong way.

Per the docs, a provider is ‘attached’ to a client, which gives the provider access to that client’s record. Sounds like you’re trying to go the other way and attach a client to a provider.

And as many providers as desired may be attached to a single client.

Patient Privacy is a custom module that doesn’t come standard with OpenEMR; the dev must be contacted for info on how to add it to one’s instance. See the wiki listing here:

But once you get it, here is a tutorial about how to set it up and use it.
MI2-PtPrivacyModule-Handout-v1.0.pdf (662.3 KB)

Best- Harley

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