Patient Portal with CMS - WordPress OR Onsite

Has anyone implemented the Patient Portal with CMS using WP?
After 2019-20 issues raised by members nothing has been reported. Does this mean it does not work?
We have implemented “Only Onsite-Patient-Portal as of OpenEMR version 5.0.2” but because of the security issues looking for CMS solution
Can someone advice regarding if only the onsite PP works how serious are the security issues?
Thank you in advance

The WP PP is to my knowledge defunct. It has not been maintained, to my knowledge. The Onsite PP has to reported security issues. All security concerns have been addressed. There are no outstanding security concerns with the program. The Onsite PP operates as if it were running on a different server.

If using patient portal, then strongly recommend upgrading to OpenEMR version 6 (security vulnerabilities for portal in 5.0.2 will likely be published over the next several weeks).
(the WP patient portal was removed from OpenEMR 6 since it was not being updated)

Thanks for the good news. We are adding some new functionalities to the Sri Lankan Open EMR. Some of the key functions we were looking at are
Patient portal
Internal medication pharmacy
Basic forms - Medical Certificate, Referral

Thanks SG.
This was important as in Sri Lanka patients are free to go from one GP to another and also as they please to any specialist -even an Oncologist or Cardiologist paying a fee.
However all visits in the public hospitals are free of any charge but the waiting time will be an issue

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I initiated a thread

where I was advised to get it to work to set in apache2.conf

[quote=“juggernautsei, post:2, topic:19773”]

 <Directory "/var/www/html/openemr">
      Options -Indexes
      AllowOverride All
      Require all granted


Does that pose a risk? isn’t it supposed to be AllowOverride None?
If so what is the work around to get the portal to work without risks?