Patient Portal Signature Pad Not Showing Up

Hi @sjpadgett,

Please i need some assistance here.

I created an encounter form and made it available in the Patient Portal. As part of the patient signature, i also included the witness signature data-type.
In the Patient Portal, the Patient Signature works but the Witness Signature doesn’t work. The signature Pad modal doesn’t show up when invoked.

Did i miss something?

If i would like to include a new signature data-type signature such as guardian-signature, how can i do this?

OpenEMR Version: V7.0.1

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried the demo? I wonder if this is happening in the demo too.

I also have an issue with the pad not showing up. By clicking the X no frame coming up. If do Edit Signature can get it there but then nothing sticking. Version 6.0 (4). Client doesn’t want to upgrade.

Please advise!

@Jit_Chawla, under what conditions are you having this problem? This thread talks about something entirely different. Maybe you would like to create a new thread.

Do you see anything in the logs or console?

Did you see any error in the console?