Patient portal registration failure


I’m using OpenEMR version 7.0.1

I’m using:Fireefox

Operating System
I’m using:

I am facing problems with creating new patient using the patient portal.
Email verification is completed.
In the second step, the profile page shows a 404 error.
But, I am able to navigate to the next step.
In the final step, when I click on the “send request” button, a blank screen appears. Nothing happens.
No patient data is recorded in the database.

This is my first post in the community.
I relly appreciate the work and contributions of the whole community…

P.S - Please find the screenshots. The url to the patient portal is Patient Portal Login

Hi @Prasoon
Welcome to the OpenEMR community, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.
I must say at the beginning I don’t know much about servers; I’m a user workflow training kind of guy. But I went through the self- registration process on your site and noted the following things.

  • the initial account creation went fine through completing the captcha screen to receiving the email verification confirmation.
  • At the 404 error screen I clicked ‘next’ anyway and was allowed to proceed to the Account Registration screen #3, ‘Insurance’, which I filled out as ‘self’.
  • Register screen #4, ‘all set/ send request’ - clicked ‘Send Request’ but got no credentials email and the next screen was blank with the URL bar containing (for what it’s worth):

I wonder:

Hopefully somebody who knows the portal intimately can read your replies and give more useful advice?
Best- Harley


Thank you Harley,

I checked the database and new patient named Harley has not been created. I think you are right there should be something going on between EngineX and Apache.


This issue has been fixed. I switched from NGINX to Apache. Now everything is working fine. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Again thank you Harley and Mi2 for all your help to our community. It makes a difference!

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@Prasoon That’s good to hear, glad it was a useful idea!
@sjpadgett Thanks, Jerry, that’s high praise coming from you. We’re always proud that we can support the OpenEMR Cause.
Best- Harley

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