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Patient portal registration error

OS Linux Ubuntu
EMR ver 6.0.0
Registering at a patient portal after successful going through all the steps end up in the following alert:
"Unable to either create credentials or send email.

Here is what we do know.: EMAIL ERROR: You must provide at least one recipient email address.

We were unable to create an account.
Please try again or contact the providers office for further assistance."

No patient data is created in the database.

Under notifications I set up my gmail account for SMTP

There is a bug with the patient portal in version 6.0.0 the patch 6.0.1 should fix it.

Thank you!
It the patch ready? Where can I download it?

Hi @Vik you should be able to get patch one here:

Thank you!
I installed the patch and now the portal creates an account. However there are 2 problems.

  1. Still no E-mails sent to the patient
  2. After the patch installation and playing on the patient portal with chat and message functions, when I try to go to patients list it gives me following error:
    “Uncaught TypeError: msg. to LowerCase is not a function
    URL: https://localhost/openemr/library/js/utility.js?v=61
    Line 453 Column 26
    Error object “[]””
    No patients are loaded to the list.
    Any idea on what is wrong?

Hi Viktor,

I’m not sure I understand the error you’re seeing. Is the error is displayed inside the patient portal or the clinician web interface when you try to interact with a patient via the portal? A screenshot might be helpful.

I’m not super familiar with how the portal works behind the scenes. @sjpadgett any idea what might be causing the error Viktor is seeing?

this is solved on another thread.

Thank you so much for helping!
Yes this issue was resolved.
Now I am dealing with another 2 issues.

  1. During the registration of a new patient in the patient portal no E-mail is sent at the end. Account is created but no E-mail is sent to the patient. It sais SMTP error. Probably I did not set up the E-mail properly. I put Gmail SMTP server, port 25 and my gmail account credentials. IN Administration-Globals-Notifications. Is there anything else? Do I need to change the port for SSL connection?
  2. After the patient logs in the portal he can not send messages to the provider. The drop down menu of the “To” field contains nothing. When provider sends a message the patient receives it, but if he replies the message goes nowhere.
    Thank you again for your help! I wish I can do something to help also. Maybe write a How to guide about setting Patient portal under 6.0.0? :slight_smile:

@Vik I believe you need to use an app password in order to use gmail for smtp email, try doing this and see if it works.

I believe in v6 I now require portal turn on for users. This is so only designated users handle portal messages instead of up to 50 user appearing in portal.
And yeah, any documentation is welcomed.

Great! That was it! User needs to be allowed portal access and then everything with messaging is OK.
Still no E-mail to the patient at the end of the registration at the patient portal. I generated the App pass at my google account as advised but still the same SMTP error with advise to check on the settings of the PHP mailer.
Thank you all again for your help! I am not a programmer but rather a what you would call advanced user. I understand very little programming - enough to get in trouble. :slight_smile: If needed however I can write a How to guide for other users. Just let me know if there is anything I can help with.

@Vik honestly if you can document what you’ve done that would help, also if gmail is giving you issues try giving mailgun a try it has a generous free tier for sending emails and some cool analytics stuff that can be useful.