Patient Portal PHP Document

Hello @sjpadgett,

I have a custom form(encounter form) which in written in PHP.

I would like to include it as part of the Portal Documents. I know the file extension for the Portal Document is .tpl.

Please how can i achieve this?

Hmm, encounter forms are usually reserved for office personnel, you don’t really want to make them available on the patient portal.

You would need to create a new form that is specifically for patients.

I am not sure if I am understanding correctly what it is that you are trying to do. So, my apologies if my reply is not helpful.

There are use cases where it would make sense to offer an encounter form for the patient to complete in the patient portal (such as GAD-7 and the Social Screening Tool) that is stored in a way to allow further analytics (ie. stored in structured sql table rather than as a pdf).

@charjmiller and I are planning to look into how best do this for the sdoh/Social Screening Tool , which is now a traditional encounter based form (in interface/forms/sdoh) in OpenEMR. The hope is to leverage Jerry’s very nicely done portal patient form features, and somehow get it to work for this traditional form on patient portal that will get placed into the backend form_sdoh database table (to allow analytics on the reports/scores) rather than a pdf in the documents (and still with ability to ok it from the user patient portal dashboard).


@brady.miller When I finish the Care Teams template for CCDA I’ll outline the best approach for this leveraging the same hook structure as LBF except you’d call forms the same as in encounters.
e.g. {EncounterForm:sdoh} then instead of rendering a template the form would be called.


Yes, I forgot about questionnaires. I do have some questionnaires which I offer the patients via the portal. However, these are based on layout forms like you mentioned above.

Just brought this feature into codebase (will be in 7.0.0 release).