Patient Portal new install

I have installed a new instance. Latest version and patch applied.

Enabled the patient portal, created a first patient, created credentials, assigned documents.

I go to log in as this new patient in my portal and I get an error message saying “Something went wrong. Please try again.” The logs have an entry for username:allow portal turned off.

This seems like sort of the barebones simple use case for patient portal and it’s not working for me.

What am I missing?

How about allow patient portal in demographics choices?

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Yes this was exactly it. Thank you. Seems odd that this would be buried where it is and not at least surfaced in the dialog where we are dealing with assigning credentials. The system will happily let me assign credentials and even print them out without telling me that the patient isn’t even allowed to use it yet.

Also what’s the purpose of the “Account Name” here? My test patient’s name is “First Tester” and the account name was assigned as “First1.” Our staff finds it confusing. I kept being asked if this was the username. Why would it ever be presented to the patient?

Thanks again for the hint.