Patient portal error. 'Something went wrong. Please try again'

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OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7

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I’m using: Chrome

I tried to login into patient portal. I got message ‘Something went wrong. Please try again’

Is there still a bug? I checked on previous posts which mentioned the same problem.

Please advise

Thank you

Hello @jhunyan -
Can you describe how much of the portal configuration you have completed? That error is typically seen with a portal that has not been fully configured, and the most commonly omitted settings are the SMTP host. But several other settings are needed, too.

Some considerations:

A portal account can be set up and used without having SMTP configured, but no credential confirmation messages will be sent, and that error message you saw may be displayed.

Best- Harley

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Hi Clement jhunyan,

This error may occur due to the following reasons;
1.The credentials you have given may not be correct.
2.You may have opened your EHR and patient portal in the same window. This will result in session conflict. try clear the session and login again, or try opening and logging in, in a new window different from the one you have already opened.
3.The same e-mail ID may have been given to different patients.
4.This issue rises mainly due to the session conflicts and nothing more.

Just check with the above-mentioned solutions, these will resolve your issue.


Hello @jhunyan
Several more factors will produce that error than just the ones mentioned by the other poster. For example, open the EMR and the portal in different browsers, not merely different windows: one of the causes is a cookie conflict.

The forum contains the most up- to- date information on most OpenEMR issues. Click the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen

and enter a search for the error message you see. You can read how others experienced, and solved, your problem.
Best- Harley

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Hi @jhunyan,

This issue can be resolved by enabling patient portal in Demographics → Choices → Allow Patient portal.Then try to access patient portal with the valid credentials.

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-ViSolve AI Team