Patient Portal email validation

I’m looking to implement the patient portal and am looking at the desired workflow. I was able to get notifications working for the email validation. However when I click on the validation URL and come back to the portal, I get a javascript alert that says this:

Error: {“success”:false,“message”:“DataAdapter (default) Error Selecting SQL: Unknown column ‘patient_data.phone_contact’ in ‘field list’ (retry attempts: 0)”,“errors”:[],“stackTrace”:[“0 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/fwk/libs/verysimple/Phreeze/DataSet.php(138): DataAdapter->Select(‘select `patient…’)”,“1 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/fwk/libs/verysimple/Phreeze/DataSet.php(110): DataSet->_verifyRs()”,“2 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/fwk/libs/verysimple/Phreeze/DataSet.php(278): DataSet->Next()”,“3 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/libs/Controller/PatientController.php(167): DataSet->ToObjectArray(true, Array)”,“4 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/fwk/libs/verysimple/Phreeze/Dispatcher.php(172): PatientController->Query()”,“5 path-to-emr/emr/portal/patient/index.php(59): Dispatcher::Dispatch(Object(Phreezer), Object(SavantRenderEngine), ‘’, NULL, Object(GenericRouter))”,“6 {main}”]}

The error is obvious enough that I don’t have that column in the patient_data table . . . but any idea why this would be? What should have create that column?

I’m on version 6.1.0 (1)

was the demographics layout altered?

I suppose it’s possible it has been over the years. This is an instance that has been running for maybe 12 - 14 years? I don’t know what unaltered would look like. It certainly hasn’t been altered recently. Is there something specific we should be looking for?

if it’s missing from patient_data then you have to add it back

  `phone_contact` varchar(255) NOT NULL default ''