Patient Portal document feature add request mark files as manditory

I had a request to separate the files into those that are mandatory and those that are not.

Well, the front end is done. So, I am seeking advice on what can be done on the backend. Should this be a flat-file that gets updated and can be picked up and parsed to get the list of mandatory files.

I had planned on the other side to color code the file list. I am sure this will have to be done with ajax. I was not wanting to make a table in the database but that is an option.

@mdsupport @growlingflea Let me know your opinions or if you have already done something like this.

I’ve already done this as categories and brought back for patch 2.

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So, glad I asked before venturing off down that trail

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Remember to run patch if grabbing from v6 patch 2 master or sql_upgrade if master.
Then in lists Document Template Categories add your categories.
The default repository in list is for storing templates not being used and will not show up in portal.

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